Students move to older classes


Aug. 30 was promotion Sunday at Temple Baptist Church in Lincoln. Students were promoted from one class to another based on age.

Liam Warden, Eva Clark and Darius Patterson were promoted from the nursery to the 2-5-year-old class. They will join Marcy Penrod's class next week.

Marcy promoted Emily Wever to the primary class. Emily will now be a member of Sharon Penrod's class.

Promote to Primary

Grace Lanka was promoted from the primary class to the junior class, where she will join teacher Justina Clark.

Promote to Juniors

Justina had three students promoted from her class – Trenton Lanka, Brenna Penrod and Hunter Wever. They will enter the junior/senior high class taught by Daniel Bauer.

Congratulations to everyone who was promoted. Sunday school begins at 9:30 a.m. every Sunday. Classes are arranged by age for school-age students.